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Kid's Swim Gear

Everyone remembers being a kid and never wanting to get out of the water at the end of a hot summer day. Jumping, diving, and splashing around with friends is the best part about summer, whether you're at the lake, the beach or your local pool. You can start getting your children accustomed to the water as early as you want, but most local swim schools have entry level classes starting at age 3. While people can learn to swim at absolutely any age, we recommend getting your kids started as young as possible so that they can feel comfortable in the water and begin to experience the joys of water sports! We've put together a list of our recommendations for gear for new swimmers, all of which will help your kids to learn and fall in love with being in the water. 


Kickboards are a must-have accessory for the new swimmer. Once kids are comfortable kicking while holding onto the wall, the next step is to venture out with a kickboard. A board that won't tip easily is key, and a soft material that won't chafe their arms is also important. The new Jr. Mix-A-Lot Kickboard from Speedo has finger grooves on the sides and bottom, and is made of textured EVA foam that creates a non-slippery surface.



Clockwise from top left: Aquasphere Seal Kid 2, Moby Kid; Speedo Kids' Hydrospex, Tie-Dye Splasher

A good pair of goggles is mandatory for multiple reasons. Getting chlorine or salt in your eyes can be very painful, and goggles are made to suction to the face and seal out water. When learning new strokes, goggles protect the eyes from splashes of water and make it easier to check direction with a quick glance. A mirrored goggle lens will reduce glare on those bright sunny days. We carry several models for children from Speedo and Aquasphere.

Ear Plugs

ear plugs
When kids are first learning to swim, it can be extremely uncomfortable for them when water gets in their ears. A pack of Speedo ear plugs will do the trick; they're made of silicone which offers superior comfort and long-lasting durability.

Fins and Snorkels


Speedo Kids' Aqua Quest Set; U.S. Divers Starboard Fins

Once your child is a seasoned little swimmer, a set of fins is great way for him or her to experience the joy of zooming through the water! Additionally, a snorkeling set with fins, a mask, and a snorkel will provide hours of entertainment; they're tons of fun in the shallows of the local beaches, and are also a must-have for all your beach vacations.

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